Forthcoming concerts

08,02,2020  ‘Thy Will be Done’ 7th International Festival ‘Opera Apriori’, Moscow, VOCES8

21st,22nd.12.2019  “Christ’s Nativity”  Washington Coral Society commission. Washington  National Cathedral choir and Organ. Cond. Steven Fox.

Saturday 6 April 2019 St Michael’s, Mount Dinham, Exeter
Morning Prayer from ‘Prayers for Mankind’
Exeter Festival chorus, Nigel Perrin conductor.

06.05.2019 The King’s Singers,Wigmore Hall
1pm New works, UK Premiere

16.05.2019 The King’s Singers,
St. Petersburg. Philharmonia Grand Hall.

Saturday, 1 June 2019 Gertrudis Cathedral Utrecht 8:15 pm
Sunday, June 2, 2019 | Grote Kerk, Wijk bij Duurstede | 4:00 pm
The Divine Liturgy of Saint John Chrysostom, Patrick Pranger conductor.