Prayers for Mankind, Tenebrae, Signum Classics

The subtitle of Russian-British composer Alexander Levine‘s Prayers for Mankind is “A Symphony of Prayers of Father Alexander Men.” In six contrasting movements lasting well over an hour, the designation of symphony is not inappropriate, even though the scoring is for a cappella chorus. Levine uses the warm, lushly chromatic harmonic language typical of much late 20th and 21st century choral music, but it is also easy to hear the influence of Orthodox liturgical chant. It’s an immensely appealing choral sound…

…The mixed choir, Tenebrae, expertly led by Nigel Short, delivers the kind of exceptionally disciplined and spirited performance for which it is rightly renowned. The burnished warmth of the choral blend and the absolute clarity and purity of the sound continue to amaze. The album is beautifully engineered, with crystalline sound that has just the right presence and ambience for this contemplative piece. 



Stephen Eddins, All Music, New Classical Reviews